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The Official Tribute to Rotting Christ


House of Atreus contributed the track Archon from Triarchy of the Lost Lovers to this tribute put out by Azermedoth Records.

Disc 1
Cendres de Haine - The Hills of the Crucifixion
Black Command - Feast of the Grand Whore
Wolftribe - The Nereid of Esgalduin
Wargoatcult - Restoration of the Infernal Kingdom
Besatt - The Sign of Evil Existance
Tundra - Fgment, Thy Gift
Maledicare - Dive the Deepest Abyss
Naer Mataron - The Fourth Knight of Revelation 1 &2
Plutonian Shore - The Fifth Illusion
Obsequiae - Wolfera the Chacal (Neoplasia)

Disc 2
Ereshkigal - Non Serviam
Xerion - King of a stellar War
House of Atreus - Archon
Winter Eternal - Diastric Alchemy
Enoid - A Dead Poem
Borgne - Out of Spirits
Cold Colours - Cold Colours
Nefas Terra - Athanati Este